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The Electronic Development Department is in charge of:

  • studies and design
  • the creation of prototypes
  • the development of on-board software
  • the certification of all our equipment

The IT Development Department is in charge of:

  • the development and improvement of our software (HMI, mobile applications, API…)
  • the implementation of architecture (hosting, communication…)

The New Installations Department is in charge of:

  • installing and commissioning our equipment
  • worksite communication with the client

The Maintenance Department is in charge of maintenance of all our systems (sensors, transmission, platform and software).

The Hotline is in charge of technical assistance and claim management.

The Quality Department is directly attached to the company’s General Management, and is in charge of:

  • software tests and validation
  • quality control of subcontractors, suppliers and installations
  • managing clients’ claims and implementing corrective and preventive actions